Upon their 30th Anniversary, Stoops Automotive Group in Muncie decided to to something a little different. SO, they are giving away a tank of gas for every year they have been in the community - 30!

That means 30 tanks to 30 residents, whether or not they always buy their vehicles from Stoops, have never bought a vehicle from Stoops, or haven't even HEARD of Stoops.

Be looking for the WLBC Mobile Master Command van every Tuesday (4/24 - 5/29) in and around Muncie for a chance to get your tank filled RIGHT AT THE PUMP! 

And when you're near Stoops Automotive on Clara Lane in Muncie, make sure you stop in and tell them "Thanks for tanks and Happy Anniversary!" because we couldn't do this without them!


Rules and notes:

Each tank will be filled up to $45.00 in gas, cannot be split between cars or cans.
Only ONE gas winner per location.
WLBC personnel reserves the right to choose the winner on location.